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Translinguistic is a trading name of James Royston Roden and has no separate legal personality.  James Royston Roden practises under the French business structure of micro-entreprise, also known as auto-entreprise, akin to a sole trader.

This business structure, on certain financial conditions, is exempted from VAT (“TVA”) by virtue of article 293B of the CGI (Code Général des Impôts – French tax legislation).  As such, prices mentioned on the website, in correspondence, quotes and invoices, are both “HT” (net of tax) and “TTC” (inclusive of all taxes) in the sense that no VAT will be added to the final invoice.

Prices mentioned on the website are in euros (€) but project prices can be quoted in other currencies if required.  Payment is preferred by bank transfer in euros (SEPA) but is also accepted by cheque in euros.  Payment by other methods may be accepted but only if discussed and agreed prior to the work being carried out.  In the absence of any contrary provision, it is assumed that any disputes in relation to invoices or other matters will be subject to French law, that is to the jurisdiction in which this business is based.

As a simplified sole-trader business vehicle, the micro-entreprise carries no requirement to publish formal annual accounts.

Statutory information regarding this business:

Registered address (“siège social”): 8, rue Croix de Bussy, 51200 Epernay, France

APE Code (classification of business types: 7430Z
SIREN (business registration number): 809 162 647

Status as solicitor (non-practising) of the senior courts of England and Wales

James Royston Roden is regulated by the SRA and registered under SRA number 458678.  As a non-practising solicitor he does not hold a current practising certificate and as such is not able to provide legal advice.  Any practical or administrative advice given in the course of, or incidental to, the provision of services in relation to translation, interpreting, content writing, proofreading, web design, illustration or any other service provided by James Royston Roden whether under the trading name Translinguistic or not should not be construed as constituting legal advice and no remark, advice or implied advice should ever be relied upon as it would were it to come from a practising legal professional.

Original logos, drawing or other original design elements on this website are the intellectual property of James Royston Roden.  Other logos, characters, designs, photographs and other creative or commercial works used or represented on the website whether for link icons, the basis or inspiration for creative works, or photographs for decoration of the website, remain the intellectual property of their respective third-party owners.