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Here you can find descriptions of Translinguistic’s range of services.  As a guide a list of approximate prices can be found below and you can send us details of your project to obtain a better idea of costs using the quote form.  However, even prices given in response to contact using the quote form will merely be a guide – a price may only be set once we have seen all relevant documents and received all pertinent details regarding the project.  Agencies should click here.


We currently offer only French-English translation.  However, do watch this space, as we plan to add other language pairs as we grow the business and expand our network.

Contracts, terms and conditions, instruction manuals, marketing materials, technical specifications, correspondence, travel brochures… you name it, we can translate it.

Legal translation is a particular specialism, given owner James Roden’s background in the legal profession.  While this doesn’t mean we only take legal documents, it does mean that you can rest assured that your legal translation is in expert hands.

We offer French-English certified translation, in other words official translations stamped and signed by a sworn court translator, accepted by public bodies and other organizations in France and, generally, internationally.  For most types of civil documents (driving licence, criminal record check, birth/marriage/death certificates, etc.) we offer certified translation both French to English and English to French.  For longer documents such as contracts, theses or articles we do not offer English into French as a matter of professional deontology but please do get in touch as we can refer you to colleagues with the appropriate competence.

Prices for certified translation start from 40 EUR.  For further details, click here.

Translation proofreading

Proofreading of translation projects is typically commissioned by other translation professionals or agencies as one of the final stages in their quality control process.  Agencies should click here to visit a dedicated page tailored to their purposes.

Proofreading comes in different types, intervening at various stages of a translation project.  Review tends to refer to an assessment of the quality of a translation by highlighting possible errors and inconsistencies – though not necessarily drafting preferable solutions nor producing a finished revision – and sometimes checking for compliance with style guides or glossaries.  Editing usually means a thorough revision of a translation, referring to both the original text and the translated text and aiming to produce an improved, finished version.  Monolingual proofreading or proofing means checking only the translated text, without reference to the original, for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, expression, etc.  See “Other services” below.

The above terminology is not always standard among all providers and clients so if you need help checking a translation you should get in touch by email to discuss the type and depth of verification required.

Please note:

  • We do not edit or proof machine translations.  Unscrupulous translation providers frequently use machine translation (“MT”) to produce a first draft before paying freelancers a fraction of the going rate to “proofread” which, in such cases, is frequently as much work as translating from scratch.
  • For the same reasons, bilingual review or editing of draft translations produced by non-native speakers of the target language may be subject to higher rates, as more work will be involved to make the translation fit for purpose.


Interpreting – oral translation – facilitates exchanges in real time between speakers of different languages.  We can offer French-English interpreting services across France, the UK and elsewhere.  However, Translinguistic is based in the Marne department of the Grand Est region of France and so costs may prove prohibitive for missions outside of the immediate vicinity, since travel costs and potentially travelling time will need to be factored into the price.  There is certainly something to be said for recruiting interpreters based near where they will be needed!

If your event, meeting or business trip calls for the dynamic, attentive presence of a native English speaker with a near-native command of French and the professionalism and communicative flair that comes with experience in the legal, educaton and tourism sectors, let’s talk about it.

James Roden, owner of Translinguistic, is a sworn interpreter (“interprète assermenté” or “interprète-expert”) of the Court of Appeal of Reims.

Other services

Proofreading – Numerous studies have shown that simple errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar have a direct and measurable negative effect upon sales, customer engagement and brand perception.  Simple, obvious mistakes can happen to the best of us (while we’re on the subject, if you spot an absolute howler on this website, whisper it in our ear at and sometimes even the most detail-oriented scribe needs a fresh pair of eyes to give their output the once-over.

Does your thesis need going through with a fine tooth-comb?  Does your cover letter, press release, project brief or pitch need the tender care of an experienced penman to strike just the right note?  Or do you just need a human to clear up after your automated spell-checker?  Whatever your proofing requirements, send us an email or fill out the quote form on this page.

Copywriting – A former lawyer, an amateur poet and blogger, a professional translator with a master’s degree from a global top-100 university – what more could you want in a content writer?  If that seems to tick all the boxes, discuss your project with James without further ado.

Illustration – Click here to see what’s on offer.


The pricing of a translation project is subject to numerous factors, including the complexity of the original text, the file format, layout and presence of images, the use of databases, translation memories and glossaries, not to mention the project timescale and other customer requirements.  Translation is charged according the word count of the original (“source”) text.  A price can only be agreed for a project by weighing the various factors adding to the volume or difficulty of the work and, above all, only after seeing all of the documents to be translated as well as any documents that will need to be consulted or incorporated into the project.  Proofreading can be charged by the hour or by the word and once again project pricing is on a case-by-case basis.  Subtitling is a multi-stage process and pricing will differ depending upon how many of those stages are included in the work.  Prices for interpreting work will incorporate mileage and potentially travel time at appropriate rates.

In all cases, the quickest way to obtain a quote is to email with full details of your project including, if possible, the files to be translated, but if you would like to get an idea based on a few key details you can use the quote form below.

Certified translation (stamped and signed translation by a “traducteur assermenté” or sworn translator authorized by the Court of Appeal of Reims) is priced differently: contact us for more details.

Proofreading of translation work can be anywhere between 40% and 90% of the per-word rate for translation, depending upon the level of review required and the amount of research and other work involved.

Proofreading can also be charged on an hourly basis.

Quote form

Fill out the form below to obtain more specific pricing information for your project.  Alternatively, if you do not have all the details but would like to discuss our services, use the contact form on the homepage or send an email to