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About Us

About Translinguistic

Translinguistic is a provider of language services catering to businesses and private individuals alike and offering quality output alongside straightforward, attentive client care.

We specialise in French to English legal translation but can also offer translation of other types of texts as well as interpreting (spoken-word translation), proofreading and copywriting.  Head on down to Services to find out more.

About James Roden

Translinguistic is owned and managed by James Roden, a native English speaker, professional translator and UK-qualified lawyer (non-practising).*

James studied Law with French Law at the University of Reading and, after graduating in 2007, went on to qualify as a solicitor in 2011.  After moving to France in 2014, James retrained as a translator and completed a Master’s degree in Translation from the University of Bristol in 2016.  In 2018 James was admitted to the list of court-appointed expert interpreters for the Court of Appeal in Reims.  Find out more about James here or click here to jump straight to his CV.

*Translinguistic is a trading name of James Royston Roden.  Legal


Translinguistic specialises in French-English legal translation.  Owner and head translator James Roden used to be a lawyer, or rather, is a lawyer who no longer practises law.  However, Translinguistic can tackle projects covering a wide variety of fields and subject matters.  We have already been able to help clients with translations as wide-ranging as corporate strategy presentations, biogas installation brochures and instruction manuals for veterinary equipment.

Aside from translation, we can also offer copywriting and proofreading (of translations into, or of copy written in, English).  As a trained lawyer with degees and diplomas in law, languages and translation, absolute mastery of the English language and unrivalled attention to detail, James Roden is the quality-control resource you never realised you needed.

Take a look at the full list of services offered to see what we can do for you, consult James’ CV for more on his credentials and experience, or have a look at our pricing guide for an indication of our tariffs for some key services.

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Why not get in touch today and discuss your project with us?  Drop us a line by email at info@translinguistic.com or by phone on +33(0)782438599 or +44(0)7763106144.

Alternatively, use the contact form on the left and we’ll get back to you.  Or, if you already know what service you’re looking for and would like to request a quote immediately, use this form.